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Everyday activities are now very stressful for most of us, which means that relaxation is more important than ever.  Luckily, there are many recreational activities available to us, so it’s difficult for us to decide which one to choose.

I live in Macau, a tiny city near Hong Kong.  Every week, I go to Coloane, to escape the bustling of Macau.  There is a beach there, I love driving my RC crawling jeep around the beach.  Sometimes, I will bash around, and other times, I will crawl with my high-quality RC rock crawling jeep.  It is a capable little monster; it can run and climb deep slopes.   I have a lot of fun.


Because modeling can offer something to everyone: those who want to relax, those who seek an additional dose of adrenaline, those who want to explore, those who want to improve their abilities – were younger or older. For young enthusiasts, it represents a technical application through which you can learn the basic principles of operation of planes, ships, cars, and the skills needed to build an RC model. Then, the development of a competitive spirit and a desire for victory is also significant. For adult modeling, it represents a unique kind of relaxation, a relationship with young people, and the rediscovery of pleasure in creating a model and participation in competitions – all this represents modeling as a complex hobby, which has an impact on maintaining a good spirit and body form.


Some RC cars are good at racing on flat roads while others are used for drifting.  Still, other RC off-road cars can run on dirt, and sandy roads with high speed while other RC jeeps run slowly but can crawl deep slopes.  Everyone can opt for one of these branches, or all of these branches if he or she is interested in them.  However, to master the skills and knowledge required in RC modeling is that one must be willing to invest in the time and equipment required.


For the functioning of this system, besides the RC jeep, there are 3 additional components:

  • Transmitter –  A hobbyists can only need to drive the RC jeep forward/reverse and left/right, so an RC system with two channels is most common.  Now the most fashionable transmitter is 2.4g transmitter with at least 3 channels.
  • Receiver – mounted on the model. The receiver receives signals from the transmitter and translates it into the electrical signals sent to the servo and ESC (speed controller).  Now, you can find one that is also waterproof.  The third channel can control the lighting of the RC jeep if the owner prefers. Most of the hobbyists will add a lighting system to their RC jeep to make it as real as possible.
  • Servo motors – final actuators are small engines with a power transducer.   For RC jeeps, you might want to get a metal arm for your servo.



Most RC jeeps use electric motors with special batteries.  You have a choice of using a brushed motor or brushless motor.  You usually pay less for a brushed motor, but most of these brushed motors cannot handle wet condition as they are not sealed completely.  For speed, you can get motor under 27T.  For higher power, you should get 35T or above.  Brushed motors with the waterproof feature can be purchased in the market, but the prices are much higher.

brushed motor

On the other hand, brushless motors are securely sealed and can run in water.  Brushless motors also cost more than the brushed motors but less troublesome.

brushless motor

Here is a video showing an RC car compete with another RC car.  One is using a brushed motor and another one is using is using a brushless motor.  The competition result is unexpected.



For the operation of the electric motor, speed control and source of energy is necessary. As the source of the energy, NiMH or LiPo batteries are commonly used in various forms and with different capacities. What is common for these two types of batteries is that they can be charged at high voltages.  Hobbyists usually 7.2 voltage NiMH batteries.  Nimh batteries are usually with the Tamiya’s connector.  This connector does not have a good connection usually.

nimh battery


For LIPO batteries, hobbyists have more options.  They can choose 2S or 3S.  2S Lipo batteries have 7.4 voltage and 3S Lipo batteries have 11.4 voltage.  Lipo batteries usually come with this red connector that has a much better connection than the one of Tamiya.

lipo battery




dean plug


Of course, if you have batteries, you need to get a charger. Chargers are divided into two categories: fast (using which battery can be charged in 30 to 60 minutes) and spores (which can also be achieved in the 10-14 hour period, since their charging speed is much lower).  If you have Lipo batteries, you need a special charger.  Imax B6 is the most commonly used Lipo charger among hobbyists.


With the limited budget, you can consider buying an IMAX B3 Lipo charger.


These chargers work at a voltage of 12V. In order to avoid overcharging, which irreversibly affects batteries; modern chargers have the ability to detect when the battery is full, and automatically stop charging. These users are assured that the batteries are properly charged and can be used at any time, even if they are filling a few days earlier.  Never let a charging battery stay overnight while you sleep.  It is dangerous.

Speed control

For control of speed, electronic devices with microprocessors are used, which on models can also have the role of determining the direction of movement (forward-back).  Hobbywing is one of the famous brands for Electronic Speed Controller (ESC).  If you want, you can pay extra to get a waterproofed ESC for brushless motors.  To handle 3S Lipo batteries, you must get an ESC with at least 120 AMP; otherwise, you can burn your ESC easily.

water proof ESC


Each RC system has its own frequency range. Frequently, this frequency band is 35MHz or 40MHz. In order to enable the management of multiple models simultaneously, each band is divided into multiple channels. For example, for a 35 MHz frequency band, channel 60 has a frequency of 35,000 MHz, and a channel 61 frequency is 35,010 MHz. As long as various channels (different frequencies) are used for the management of different models, no problems can arise. To change the channel both on the transmitter and receiver, there is one quartz crystal that can be replaced in a few seconds. Each quartz crystal contains the number of channels and frequencies, and these values must be the same on the quartz crystals of the receivers and transmitters.

In recent years, a new innovative 2.4 GHz spread spectrum technology has emerged due to which the use of quartz crystals in the operation of the RC system has been reduced.



The idea of an enthusiast in an area is generally associated with the use of technically complex devices.

If your technical knowledge is not at an enviable level, this hobby can help you gain more knowledge over time. Finding diverse technical principles that you have not paid attention to so far can be very interesting to you.

The level of knowledge needed to manage RTDs (Ready to Run) models is minimal, and these models have the task of bringing you into the world of modeling without much effort.


Here is a video doing two product reviews for RC jeeps.

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